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    BRIGHTERS.STORE is the online store of BRIGHTERS which is a Canadian based start up that envision to establish itself as an important online platform where everyone can found resources, motivation and energy to:

    -develop a vision for their life success;

    -discover and capitalized their potential through self-help kindles/books for success, and, found support/ advice to develop their entrepreneurship career.

    At BRIGHTERS, we believe that everyone has an inner brilliant talent and ability regardless of their social status or believes.

    BRIGHTERS is always open to innovation and partnership. We currently focused on self-help books store and publishing, e-commerce and clothing line and consulting (Canadian immigration and financial advice).

    Our core Values:

    -Partnership: we Leverage and share resources

    - Innovation:  We strive to redefined the standard of excellence in everything we do

    -Adaptability: we effectively change and grow along with the global trends to satisfy our customers/clients