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    Best fabrics for summer collections

    The scorching heat must be troubling you and you must be struggling in choosing the right men and women’s summer collections. Well, here is a simple way to so. Select the right fabric and you will be able to chill even outdoors in summer.

    So, scroll down and learn more about the fabrics that are best suited for you in summer.

    What are Summer Fabrics?

    If you think that there are nothing called summer fabrics then you are utterly mistaken. There are a variety of fabrics available in the market and all are meant for some specific seasons. Just like wool and polyester are meant for winter there are some fabrics which make you feel light and airy in summer. These are:


    Cotton is the most popular summer fabric which is a delight to wear in summer. However, it is not easy to find fashionable men and women summer collections. You need to be very choosy in selecting the sites where you can find the best cotton apparels which are stylish too. Nowadays you can find many types of apparel that claim to be cotton but are not 100% cotton. You may opt for it but make sure it is not less than 95% cotton.


    Unlike cotton, linen is not meant for machine-wash and demands a lot of maintenance but the look which it offers is incomparable. Whether you buy a linen shirt or pant or one-piece mini dress, it will give you a cool look. Nevertheless, you must remember that it gets wrinkle and crease very easily. That is why you are advised to buy linens from places which offer tightly woven linens that stay fairly crisp no matter where you go. 



    Although it is a man-made material, yet it is good at absorbing humidity and that is why it is great for summers. Produced from natural cellulose, which is processed to create fibers, the rayon apparels are not very durable and needs dry-cleaning regularly. Still, it is one of the best options for summer collections as the dresses made from it are very trendy.


    Silk is not a good option if you sweat a lot but it is light and airy when woven loosely and can make your summer evening beautiful. You can find a lot of beautiful silk gowns and other summer clothing options online. This is a natural fabric and offers you a rich and sophisticated look.

    Final Thoughts

    Summer is a season where you can move out in style and flaunt your assets. You just need to buy proper clothes that make you look fresh all day long even when the mercury keeps on surging. Interestingly, it is easy to find stylish apparels but it is difficult to choose the right summer fabric from men and women’s summer collections. However, if you opt for any of the aforementioned summer fabrics then you will be able to carry yourself in a cool way.

    Bonus Tips

    Apart from fabric, you must also try to take care of the following things while looking for summer collections:

    ● Choose the apparels with summer colors that include deep red, red-orange fiesta, coral, pink, gold, turmeric yellow, princess blue, sage (for men), etc.
    ● Pick the right pattern – sewing pattern, button pattern, closet case pattern, etc.
    ● Whether a man or a woman, you must buy undergarments that are best suited for summer only.

    Give importance to the fabric

    Just like the color, you should also give importance to the fabric of your outfit. In summer you need to wear fabrics that keep your body temperature maintained. It must not make you sweat more or lead to rashes on your body. Some of the best summer fabrics are cotton, linen and tropical weight wool. You must make sure not to buy mixed cotton fabrics as these do not have the same lightness as 100% cotton.

    Undoubtedly, there are plenty of men, women’s summer collections available both online and offline. However, all are not equally good for summer. You must choose the apparels considering all the aforementioned points. Definitely, it will be a great help in purchasing a perfect summer outfit.

    Sage is the color for men and orchid and aqua pastel shades are good for women

    Colors matter and that is why each year the fashion designers come up with new color trends. If you want to look cool then this summer you must be choosy in selecting the colors of the apparels. Fluoro lime is a good option for men but sage will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. Whether you are choosing a sweatshirt or a pant go for sage.

    For women, 2019 summer is more about orchid and aqua pastel shades. However, dark burgundy will also enhance your look. Coral pink is a good color option only if it suits your skin tone. For the office, you may select a classic blue color and it will make you look more elegant.

    However, the yellow color could add a new aura to the personality of both men and women.

    Women must opt for double breasted suits

    This summer season, women must not forget to carry a double breasted suit. This will look amazing if paired with a long slit top inside. You must also carry some summer accessories which could complement your look and bring it to the next level.

    Give a fashion touch to your looks with bare chest suits

    This fashion is particularly meant for men. Just pick up your sorted suit and wear it in a different style this time. Wear a suit sans shirt and reveal your bare chest. Definitely, you will rock at your summer party. Do not forget applying deodorants which are mark free and super strong. Brighters Store offer you the best summer deal.